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Has any one used this AP it looks good?

It seems at percent that getting good color with scribes is a problem at least there is a monitoring system as part of the CMYKTOOL.


i don't know it – sounds interesting for some purposes. but i would like to keep the images in rgb as long as possible – usually till i generate the pdf.


The purpose utnik is to produce a CMYK graphic, it also has a soft view, that is so I understand is so one can see the change of colors before you  submit a peace of work to a printer.

On their web site they display two video tutorial so one can see how it works.



getting the color management workflow correct is a hard task, as you probably have noticed.

instead of trying to solve all your problems in one shot, you could try by starting being conservative and using colors and images where you probably won't have too many issues.


a.l.e I noted your p.s. and wondered if I am asking too many questions?

CMYKtool is one way of producing colors for commercial printing I have by now found several other ways of doing so but to do so in Scribus no one has tolled me in detail haw to do so.

I hope I have not offended you, in this thread I opened I am just showing that I am attempting to solve the problem.

Wena Parry from South Wales, U.K.


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