Adjusting Image Frames

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I can move the side of a frame to widen or narrow it; I can drag a corner anywhere; I can put the hand pointer on a frame and move it bodilly.

1. How can I drag the image in the frame up, down, left or right without altering the frame at all.

2. How can I alter the magnification (up or down) of the image in the frame?

3. When I first opened Scribus, the icons along the top stretched all the way to the right hand side, but now only 19 show, about half as many. How do I get all the icons to show?



1. double click on the image and you will be able to move it inside of the frame.
    the properties window, image tab, you can also can set values or use the spin boxes.

2. it's in the properties window, image tab...

3. right click on the remaining toolbar (you have to click on the background of the toolbar, not on one of the icons...) and pick the missing ones.
   normally, it's not a good idea to display all the toolbars and i would really suggest you to hide all but the tools toolbar... and put the remaining toolbar on the left: this will give you the biggest usable screen estate (and you need that!) and you also will easily find the important icons / tools.

here is what i consider an "ok" looking scribus...

it's like telling your kids to pull up the saddle of their bicycle... at the beginning they will be a bit lost because the feet do not touch the ground anymore... but now they can really start learning to ride their bike!

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