Suggestion: finer control over frame shape and contour lines

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I hope that it is ok to post this here. I did not post this in the suggestion section because I cannot program, and so I cannot actually do anything to work on this. The bug tracker seems to not use the same account, and I am not going to create another account.


Be able to select the points in the shape and the contour lines of a frame without moving them. The default tool that is selected moves points by clicking and dragging; quite often, when selecting a point to exert finer control, the point is moved, but it can be necessary to see where it was previously located.

Also, when the text wrap is set to follow contour lines, it only seems to follow it in large increments. That means that moving a point one tenth of a millimeter over can make the text change position by almost half a millimeter, or in other words, five times the distance the point was moved.

There should be a way to select the last/next point.

There should be a way to undo the last change without resetting all the changes made or resetting everything.