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Competing Software
« on: June 05, 2019, 04:23:21 pm »
It seems my PC is getting a little trigger happy.  Presently I have InDesign CS6 and Scribus 1.5.4, however recently I have been testing the beta version of Affinity Publisher.  I cannot help but think the Scribus development team take a leaf from their book (no pun intended given we are discussing DTP).  They have gone from initial release beta to what is essentially a release candidate in around two years with an interface that Scribus can only hope to aspire for.  I have said it before but the Scribus UI needs a serious revamp inline with the IndigoDock suggestions that have been made ad-nauseum by myself and others.

Come on development team, it's time to push those updates before Affinity take over.


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Re: Competing Software
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2019, 05:45:29 pm »
i don't know how to reply to this.
but i will try.

if i look at the list of features in i would say that:

- most panels are now dockable
- i've made a patch for having frame and content properties and it will probably be merged soon
- i've also submitted a patch for keeping the section open that will probably be merged soon
- we have now a dark theme (on top of the light theme... somebody has created the icons, i've made the patch for having it integrated in scribus and jean has pulled it in.)
- hdpi support is there.

the big thing missing from the list is the high configurability per drag and drop, but i'm more and more convinced that it's not something i would like to use (some of the reasons for it can be read here: )

if you don't agree on that, please write down your thoughts...

what i would like to see in scribus ASAP are the panel layout improvements:

- a concept for the resources managements (colors creation and use).
- a big re-layout of the palettes that improves the access to the features and compacts their view.

if you wonder how you can help to get there, write down your skills and i can help you with founding tasks that you can do for scribus.

scribus is not a company, and not much will happen if people don't commit and do the hard work (and, really, i regret how things have gone with martin -- the indigo author -- and i'm working hard to avoid that this will happen again! or at least that it won't happen too often anymore...).

so, what are you doing next?