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Salim Reza Newton

I learnt from a post ( by muhammodmasum that "Now Bengali text is working ok" in Scribus.

That is a great news for someone like me, a newbie.

But, as a newbie I don't find how to primarily configure Bangla / Bengali texts in Scribus.

Someone please help me in this regard.

Thank you.



you need two things:

- scribus 1.5.4+ (the development version... how to get it, depends on your computer)
- a  font with the needed glyphs.

then, it should just work...


Salim Reza Newton

OMG, it's working now! 
I've been waiting for this day for the last few years.

Thank you very very much a.l.e.

Today I downloaded the Development Version 1.5.4 as per your suggestion and discovered it's working.

Is there any risk in using this version? May I confidently begin creating a book with this version of Scribus?

Well, I'm using Linux Mint 18.


Somehow I missed the notification and thought no one replied to my message. What a fool I am. Sorry pal, for this foolishness.

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