Imported black text from PDF turns to grey when exporting back to PDF :(

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Hello scribus comunity,

I'm having trouble when importing PDF to Scribus and then exporting it back to PDF. As the title says, a black PDF text becomes dark grey when exporting to PDF on Screen/Internet (Pantalla/Internet) setup. What I think happens is that the PDF files are imported with CMYK colors and when turned to RGB on export it changes a little (i read something like this on another post). When i write a text on Scribus with CMYK black it also turns to grey exporting to PDF, and a text with RGB black is exported fine. Also, when i export with the grayscale setup both CMYK and RGB blacks result fine.

I think this problem could be solved if there was a way of configuring Scribus to import PDFs as RGB, I don't know if there's a way of doing this or if anyone could solve this by any other way.

This affects my work because i use those PDFs for printing on a toner printer and without the pure black it doesn't acknowledges the vectorial information.

I appreciate any comments/solutions on this, i'm a new scribus user :)