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Hi to all of you,
not sure if this feature is possible to have but wondering as it would be extremely practical being able to edit an image in the native gimp format which would automatically be updated when imported in Scribus (if recognized as a format (with all its layers etc)
would that be possible ? is it possible to request a feature as such ?
Here thinking on speed and practicality when it comes to edit and the number of files needed when having to update changes etc.. ;)
hope it makes sense,
thanks and regards.

PS: I know making comparisons to Adobe is not a welcome thing to say around the forum, but honestly I do mention it as making interchangeable formats recognizable (or able to be imported) among the many tools to create a final product is a good strategy that should not be exclusive of corporations like a Adobe. I personally dream of a time in which all these formats could be imported with all its layers among the many creative tools (for page layouts, or even for video editing etc.. ) 
Hoping some day we could talk of an OPEN SOURCE CREATIVE TOOLS bundle quite integrated among them ... here an invitation as well to join a group of open source creative tools in fb where we share and promote all the tools to be creative and productive ;)

Thanks and cheers

According to this page Scribus should already support XCF, but I am not sure what has happened since 2008.

wow did not know about, however the link is taking to a page titled "file formats that should be supported by Scribus (wish list)
?? heheh omg my wish list would be huge for sure but if gimp native files (wiht all its layers etc) is supported I would be more than happy for sure ;)

I see the closing parenthesis was cut off from the link. The correct link should be:

And according to that page the support for xcf was completed during the 2008 Google Code Summer of Code.

But I am not sure if it was ever implemented in Scribus, it seems my 1.5.2 does not indicate xcf as a Get image file format.

But the page also mentions the GIMP developers have advised against using xcf as an intermediate format because it relies on GIMP internals. (Which is what I initially suspected.)

yep, the gimp developers did not want other programs to use the xcf format.

i'm not sure that this is still the case, though...
i think i've read something somewhere that did let me think that way...


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