Image missing when opening existing sla file?

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Upon opening an existing sla file with stable Scribus, two images layers that were present the day before are now gone.  :( All project files are in the same folder. This is on ongoing problem. Is there a fix? Thank you.


as far as i know, scribus will not eat your layers for dinner : - )

the image frames should still be there, but if you have moved the .sla (scribus layout) file or the images, scribus might not be able anymore to find them.

if you want to move things around, you need to use the "file > collect for output" command...

does this solve your issue?



I am no pro with scribus, but I know that images can be linked or embedded. The first method requires that the .sla file and all the image files stay put in their folders and the relative position of these folders is not changed. The links must be preserved.
With embedding, the images is written into the .sla file

pros and cons

Embedding is good for small projects with a few images. You have the flexibility that is inherent in a stand alone file. copy it, move it, etc.. and all is still contained in the .sla, though it could be a bit of a larger file

Linking on the other hand suites larger projects. the .sla file does not get bloated with all the images and remains nimble to work with.

If your images do not show, could be because the links are broken.