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Ok Ale, I think I get it !

i've added the facebook page & group to the page...

Hi ale, I am wondering if (I am not so expert on website developments) is it possible creating a section that could be feeded by users or members(?) in order to populate the showcase or gallery page of the site ? not sure on how to describe it, could be like sending links (that could be previously approved by admin of course) ??
Could be a contact form where visitors wanting to display their works could send files or links .. ?

hope it makes sense ;)

yes it makes sense.

the idea is that people can open a ticket in with the content or -- if they know enough of markdown and git / github -- even make a pull request that i just have to accept.

i'm working on the first showcase. once it's there, i can write a short how to. but basically:

- fork (it's the gray button int the top right corner)
- clone your fork or start editing it with the github web editor
- add a directory in 03.showcase with the current date and a title (2019-04-16-spektrum-88)
- in the new directory create a file "" with the description of your project
- add the images to the same directory and link them from the file
- make a pull request from the web interface

a bit more complex than a wordpress, but it has the big advantage that anybody can contribute, without needing special rights. i just have to accept the pull request (after having checked and eventually having fixed bugs).

i can give trusted people the right to accept pull requests... but it's not really needed for now.

oh new website looks swish!


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