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Hello there, I see with some degree of concern, the quite unupdapted sections of the website, for example news box at the righ side of the home page are displaying news from 2016, galleries of work done with Scribus are quite old as well (I they have been displaying teh same for quite a while) perhaps is something to do with the website interface that does not display all straightway so to speak (what a redesign ?)  however I would like asking if you agree on taking advantage of our facebook group where lots of users talk and discuss of tips and features.. and many of them show proudly their jobs done using Scribus (I guess we could try cooperating to use those images after asking them if wanting to be on display in the official website of Scribus ?
what do you think ? I would really like helping (if possible) on updating or feeding as much as we could sections for the website, they could be (perhaps) a link to this facebook group and page ?
here the links in case:
FB page:

Thanks a lot and many regards to all of you ;)

hi enzo

first a long introduction : - )

one and a half years ago we have had a bigger effort by a few users of this forum:,2282.msg12162.html

don't read through the whole thread... it's long (ok, you can, if you really want...)

it has lead to this prototype

that i have submitted to the official bug tracker

the only action by the team has been to change its tags in the bug tracker itself...

after about a year i've created a "community" website based on the proposal:

it's not perfect but it's there and it can be edited through pull requests on github:

(proposals can also be made in the same directory as tickets)

end of mai, i will be at the libre graphics meeting ( ) and i will probably also discuss the webpage with the team..

end of the introduction.

personally, i have the feeling that the proposal by martin & co. is a good one and is worth to be further worked on (translations, news, showcases, ...).
one day the team might take use it as the official page or it will be popular enough that it will show up in the search engines...

my conclusion: in my eyes the official website needs a rebuild from scratch and a new concept, you're welcome to help out in the "community" site, with the final goal to get it as the official website...


p.s.: i'll add the two facebook page / group to the "learn" section of the ...

Hi Ale, brilliant sounds great to me *I-ll read carefully the links you send and would try to understand all.. but I am glad to hear you are welcome to suggestions or new ideas and integrating the different efforts others do in order to promote Scribus.

Thanks a lot and lets keep in contact *I can-t wait to have news on the 1.6 version *I desperately waiting for some features I need that would be in that version .,.. fingers crossed


wow Ale
tha page looks great really, I really like it .. !

Is great having sections where many things could be included so the site can grow as long as it keeps updated
great job really, please feel free to share this initiatives in teh fb groups, I'll try my best to invite people as well to cooperate feeding the site wiht links to their jobs etc, the more posts we place in the group about it the best I guess.. (?)
thanks and kind regards,

hi enzo

just to be clear

- is the proposal for the structure and layout
- is the actual web page based on that proposal.

before announcing on facebook, i think i should clean up a bit the README in

so that it's easier for the people to understand how to contribute...


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