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layout: RTL columns

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hi heshy,

just to be clear: have you found out how to type RTL in scribus?

you have to click on the RTL button in the text palette. it's placed on the left of the "usual" alignment buttons.

if you activate that, the columns will be filled from right to left.

and if you create the columns with guides, you can simply first create a column on the right and then link it to one on the left.

p.s.: you can probably not use the auto text feature. but, personally, i would not use it anyway... linking frames has got so fast, nowadays... (and it will get even more comfortable when my patch for multi page duplication is accepted...)

ok i just tried it and it does in fact work! i am not sure why this was not the case when i tried it last. thank you very much a.l.e


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