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Error message at creating PDF: object has transparency background

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I just found out the "Prelight verifier"

There are 5 different modes

PDF 1.3
PDF 1.4
PDF 1.5
PDF x/3

My document with some use of transparency verifies without error as PDF 1.4 and PDF 1.4
All other modes give the transparency error


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BTW, for what is transparaency, when the usage of transparency is seen as an error?

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Since I'm already here, I hope a.l.e wouldn't mind if I jump in :)

It's more of a warning, actually, depending on format and purpose of your document. Short version: if you intend to create material for print and/or have to use PDF/X-3, you'll get this warning so that you're aware that PDF/X-3 does not support transparency and your document will probably not look as expected (in other words: expect problems). But, if you use, e.g., PDF 1.5 and/or create material for online reading, this warning will disappear, since PDF 1.5 does support transparency. However, keep in mind that PDF 1.5 probably isn't what your printer would like to see.

Note: "Background" in "object has transparency background" is actually name of the layer.

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Thanks! Just studied Wikipedia article about PDF X/3 and I understand now the problem


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--- Quote from: founder on December 04, 2011, 01:47:16 pm ---create a new color (edit > colors) as a gray...

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But the transparency made it already easy.

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no the transparency is not the best way to do it...
if you don't want to create a color for it, you'd rather use the "shade". it's in the color pane of the PP (upper right corner)

most of the time, i would still create a color for it. this way, if you use the color multiple times, you can change it in one step for the whole document...



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