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Can't import a vector file, properly or at all

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I work with music notation software (Finale), on Mac. I get numerous problems if I try to import a vector (page)file into Scribus.

1. I have all fonts installed on my machine.
2. All fonts are allowed in the Scribus options.
3. All vector files are available properly in other software that can open these files.
4. Vector files that are tested: svg, ps, eps.

1. cannot be opened
2. fonts swapped randomly / missing / changed to default system

please, provide a sample file (svg and/or eps), with the matching the needed fonts and a screenshot of how the result should look like.


The quick workaround is to just convert the file to a high-res .png, and then it will work fine. Inkscape will export an .svg to .png. Better than horsing around trying to get the .svg to work. I went through this with the output from Lilypond (which I don't use regularly, and FYI I mostly use MusEdit which cannot compare with the beautiful output of Finale & Sibelius but does export nice hi-res .png files that Scribus accepts easily.) What turned up with the Lilypond issue was that there was some disagreement between Lilypond and Scribus about the specs on .svg, and although I think this got fixed (I opened a bug ticket), it appears very likely that there is a similar issue with the output from Finale.

iirc the development version of scribus should be able to import the svg created by lilypond.

i've never heard of finale, if there is an issue, we need the files (svg and screenshot of the wanted output)...


--- Quote from: a.l.e on July 25, 2019, 07:47:16 pm ---iirc the development version of scribus should be able to import the svg created by lilypond.

i've never heard of finale...

--- End quote ---

We went through that business with Lilypond's .svg, and the bug ticket was closed. The OP of this thread didn't say what version of Scribus he or she was using. But it was solved already - just open the .svg with Inkscape and export to .png. What's so special about using an .svg? Its only advantage is if you want to edit it some more. (This is definitely a plus with Lilypond - if you can't figure out the code, you can export .svg and move the glyphs around in Inkscape.) Other programs export .png. Once an .svg is imported into Scribus it has no advantage over a hi-res .png... ?

FYI Finale and Sibelius are the Coke and Pepsi of staff notation, costing about 500 schmacks each and a fee for annual upgrades. WYSIWYG with many bells and whistles. They have about 80% of the market as opposed to Lilypond's 5%. I don't use them but most of my musical friends have one or the other.


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