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Is there a maximum resolution for imported images? I keep getting an exclamation point whenever I am importing a 3200 dpi bitmap image.  I understand that it is part of the preflight checking, but when I edit the max image resolution in the preferences->preflight to 4800 dpi, I am still getting the red exclamation point.  Any help will be appreciated.



... for the current document, you have to change the "file > document settings"...

"file > preferences" is for all future documents (except for settings that do not depend on the document).

it might be just this...

this having been said: what kind of document needs 4800 dpi?

... just curious...

Thanks a.l.e.,

My vendors newest RIP can rasterized to 6000 dpi, might as well take advantage :-) especially in black/white bitmap scans.



But raster DPI is not the same as image PPI, is it?

Generally one image pixel is rasterized into several raster dots.

An at normal viewing distance I doubt you will see a difference between 1200 PPI and 4800 PPI. You would need a magnifying glass to be able to see any difference.


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