Changing file path loses inserted graphics

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I'm experiencing a problem if I move a Scribus SLA file to a different folder, or if I move the source PNG or PDF graphics to a different folder. The inserted graphics are then 'lost' in the SLA file and the image frames are blank with a red cross (but they do have the image file name listed). If this happens all of the graphics need to be re-inserted.

I've tried to lock the images (CTR L), but it still happens.

Any suggestions, please?



Next time use "Collect for Output" and move everything together, images are not embedded, this is a common mistake made by most user at one time or another


Many thanks, Rodney.

That's helpful.



The topic shows the misunderstanding.

It should be "Changing file path loses linked graphics"

Scrbius does not embed graphics in the SLA but includes a link to it. Moving the SLA (or the graphic) means the link is no longer correct.