sos Need help urgent! transparent path in object not importing from inscape

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So I traced and image in inkscape of a golden metal book corner and I'm trying to get the transparent parts to import into scribus but it says svg file has unsupported functions. when i click ok and place the image everything else is fine except the transparent objects are missing the pattern image I placed in side the object. Is there a work around for this or am i gonna have to go back to adobe for a more user friendly experience. I uploaded pics to help visualize.

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Do you have the svg file for testing?

You could try export as a pdf and import that to scribus?


please, go back to adobe and enjoy the more user friendly experience!
just do it. now.

on the one side, i have no idea why you felt the need for writing such a sentence, but there is no reason why you should suffer, just because you want to trace an image.

you're discovering a new software, and post "sos need help urgent!" messages to a forum run by volunteers.
i'm pretty sure that with this attitude, you're much better served with a payed support and a stipulated time for reactions!
adobe can offer you that, scribus not (yet).

having said that, you're hitting a limit related to the different goals of SVG and PDF.
SVG has been created for screen display and happily manages transparencies, clips and masks.
PDF and print workflows have a harder time with it.

inkscape is SVG. scribus is PDF.
the two worlds are not always as compatible as we would like it.

scribus can use transparencies but cannot flatten them for you.
if the SVG contains clips and masks, scribus will probably fail to read them correctly (and will have a even harder time putting them in a PDF).
and the easiest way for tracing a bitmap is -- you guessed it -- to create clips and masks!

for those reasons, i'm not sure that loading a traced item into scribus is a good idea.
inkscape is (obviously) trying to do as little work as possible there, and scribus probably won't be able to do all the work needed to make the image sane enough to be printed. it's not that bad, that it fails at import time and avoids you bad surprises when you get your job back from the print shop.

of course, it would be nice if scribus could better handle transparencies, but -- slowly -- i'm more and more keen to thing that this should be solved at the pre press stage (or: why did adobe publish PDF 1.4 if no print shop accepts them?)

and, of course, if you want any further help need to upload a test image, with the svg produced by the tracing and detailed instructions for reproducing.


p.s.: all this having been said, i don't understand why you're missing transparent objects... they're transparent, they won't print. and if you  want to print them, just make them not transparent, so you have already one less problem.