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Hi Miguel,

Were any of these fixes layer adjustments or applying filters?  I have run into issues with using psd files previously in Scribus but not your exact problem... I find that rasterizing all type and flattening the image before placing into Scribus fixes most of my problems but I now just save all the final images to be placed as flattened .tif files, saves on headaches, but a little extra work and time.  Which version of photoshop are you using? I have been having issues with pdf files generated from the newest CC version, maybe the psd version is newer than the psd library used in Scribus...



Red Toque:
Hi mnawij:

Yes, the fixes did involve layers, so, your experience will come in handy.  I'll try flattening the PSD and if that doesn't work, saving as a TIFF.

Also, I am using the most recent cc version, so the TIFF alternative might, in situations such as this, be the solution.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with me,
BTW where in the world are you?  I'm in Toronto.

Thanks Miguel,

Please post the outcome with flattening the psd.  I reside in the greater Los Angeles area.




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