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Image Files Not Removed from Database

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Red Toque:

I added some images which I later discovered needed to be... "fixed". I double clicked the Image Frame to delete them, but now when I try to reintroduce them (with the same image file # of course), I can't.  The image file number is stuck in the database.  I select "get" the image, which opens up the window where the files are located on my computer. I select the correct file, but the only thing that appears on the screen is a large X across the entire Image Frame and the image file # in red, but no image.

Oh ya, if I open Manage Images,  the file # appears, without a preview and again, a large red X

I've also right clicked> Content> Clear, which removes the red X and image file reference #, but replaces the red X with a black X.  If I "Get Image" again, the same result with the red X and image file # as above.

Any suggestions as to how I can clear this reference?

Thanks for your time,

[moderation: i've removed the microsoft word document you've attached: if you want to show a picture, please upload the piicture itself, not a word document containing the picture.]

as far as i can tell, there is no such "database".

you can always load images in image frame, and it does not matter what was there before or which images you already have loaded in the same document.

Red Toque:
Hi. Whether there is a database or not, why then can't I load an image into the frame?  As you can see from the screenshots something is interfering with my ability to add that same image into the frame. The previous image was a PSD and the only way I could upload a replacement was by converting it into a PNG.

Again, thanks for your time,

Did you make any edits to the .psd file after you placed it into Scribus?


Red Toque:
Hello mnawij:

Yes, I did. As I wrote earlier, I discovered that I needed to "fix" some images, and I probably fixed them before I removed them from Scribus.

Thanks for your time,


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