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A friend solved the Cover Template for me.

I think I was able to solve another, the need for the photo to be 300 dpi. I say "I solved it" because while I can see in Gimp 2.6 tells me I have made it. It is not the right size.

Now, I need to know whether resizing it in Scribus will change the DPI or would it be better to crop the photo?


Meho R.

In case you missed a previous discussion about DPI, you might want to have a look here. Nermander provided a great mathematical explanation and an example of how to calculate DPI, which you might find useful. Also, there's a link to a very nice article explaining the difference between PPI and DPI (which is related to you question, even if it doesn't seem to at first sight).

Short version: import the picture in Scribus and set "Actual X-DPI" and "Actual Y-DPI" there (Properties > Image). If quality of the image is sufficient (high enough PPI), then you shouldn't have problems achieving 300+ DPI for printing. So, I'd go with resizing the image in Scribus.

As for GIMP, pay attention to Image > Print Size, which will show printed size of the image at any given resolution in pixels/in.