Default style for PDF form fields

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Hello. In Scribus i can control the style of the text (font, size, alginment ...) for a PDF form field (exported as pdf 1.4 or higher) using the text tab of the properties windows. By default Scribus uses Bitstream Vera 10 pt left alignment and doesn't remember the last values used. This might not always be what i want to use, unfortunately i didn't see any option to change that default value. Worse when i copy/paste a form field it resets to those default values rather than those from the original copied field. This means i have to manually set every form field to the font/size/alignment i want to use which isn't an issue if i have 10 fields in a document but will be if i have 100th of fields.

Is there a way to change the default font or make Scribus remember the last used settings? I tried searching for some hidden config value in AppData/Roaming/Scribus but didn't find anything that looked like it could control that particular setting.

Using Scribus 1.4.7 under Windows.


OK. Just in case someone else is interested i found some sort of workaroud. Using "Duplicate-move multiples" (even just for one copy, don't use normal duplicate) creates a copy of a field that remember the font/alignement settings of the duplicated field saving a lot of work. Normal Duplicate doesn't work.

And it looks like the default font is somewhat random, today it's Aleph and not Bitstream Vera.


Thank you for posting your workaround! I was having the same problem, and this definitely solves it.