Deleting old documents

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If I have old versions of Scribus documents which I no longer want, how do I delete them? And if I make changes - either in the text or in images - to documents which I wish to retain, is pressing Save sufficient to retain the images, or do I have to save the changes in a new document? (I ask the latter question because though I did press Save, I lost the images in a document.)
Regards, Lorn


just delete using any file manager, if you move images as they are not embedded  they will then not show in the document so save does work just fine


To clarify: Scribus does not save the images in the document, it only saves the path to them. If you move an image, or move the document, the path will no longer be correct and the image will not show.

If you want to "keep" the document it is usually suggested to do a "Collect for output". This will save the document, and copies of all images it is using, into the same folder.

Note copies, this means using Collect for output will created duplicates of the image files for each document.