Text error in PDF generation

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I'm currently designing a newsletter for work. In Scribus everything looks perfect but when I export into PDF so I can send the project to the printers, something strange happens; certain letters like 'L' or 'd' or 'b' are suddenly now bold, or semi-bold. I thought maybe it was a display error and ran a copy on our printer here, but the error is still there on the printed copy.

I've attached a copy of the PDF output so you can see what I'm talking about. I have tried modifying any export settings that I believe could be responsible for the error, but it continues to occur.

Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated, this is driving me mental.

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The usual cause to problems like this is "bad hinting".

In some cases the hinting information may be lost when a text for example is converted to outlines.



This error still occurs when I do not convert to outlines.


this was a recurrent issue with some fonts.

but i've not heard about it for  while...

can you try with a different font?


Converting to outlines was an example of when this can occur, it can happen in other circumstances.

So what a.l.e says is a good suggestion: Try another font and see what happens. It may be a problem with the font you are using.