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Hi, sorry to jump right in with a question, but..

Why is there no Windows 10 installation candidate for the stable (1.4.7) branch?

You have one for 32 bit windows ( 2000 SP4, XP, Vista, 7, 8 ).
You have one for 64 bit windows ( Vista, 7, 8 ) - But interestingly not 10.
You also have a portable 32 bit version.

Have you made a decision, like certain other FOSS organizations, not to support Windows 10 due to all the Microsoft telemetrics built into it?


No, it's simply that Windows 10 is nothing special.

Just one further update.

Have you tried to get the setup file and and install it?
It should just work.

In "my" list of Scribus downloads

i've added windows 10 to the list.

I hope that one day the team will copy this list for the main site...


So, thank you guys for sharing this info, mb will try all about it today