Can Scribus (32 win) find ghostscript64?

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I'm getting the same error message as in the thread named "Error message", (see image). Ghostscript (64-bit v9.02) is installed (and GSView), I use it every day so I know its functioning. Could this be due Scribus is only looking for the 32-bit version of GS?


OS: Win7 Enterprise (64-bit)


Is the path to the executable correct in the Scribus settings?

Scribus does not automatically locate the ghostscript executable, the installation program tries though. But the installation program won't be able to locate ghostscript if it is not installed when Scribus is installed. And I would guess that it might also have problems finding it on a 64 bit system since it probably only searches in the ghostscript default installation directory.


I find it mysterious that scribus cannot funtion properly with gs-64 bit. There seems to no way to direct the installpackage to use the gs64-bit version.(?) Can this be confirmed?

Meho R.

But did you check the path as Nermander said (File > Preferences > External Tools > PostScript Interpreter)? Try setting it manually. More infos here.


Ah, I managed to overlook that part.
It seems to be working now, thanks people!