Colour icons rather than monotone?

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I've recently updated to 1.5.4. from 1.4.6. and I love it, particularly the text interface.

My major gripe is pretty minor really - the tool icons. I've read discussion about the size of them and apparently this may be configurable at some point in the future. However I've found no mention of colour. The motivation for using monotone seems to be to provide a "modern stylish" icon set. All very well but I'd rather have practicality. For any given size, a multi-coloured icon conveys more information, and thus more individuality, and thus faster and easier recognition, than a monotone version.

The toolbar has about 50 icons and there are many more in the property windows. Ease of recognition should take priority over stylishness. What do other users think?

Thanks to everyone who contributes so much time to improving this wonderful application. This is not a complaint, just  feedback and an attempt to open a discussion on this matter.


personally, i can live with the current black and white icons.

some of the icons have suffered from the "simplification" (chaining fields, link text fields) but, in general they convey the information needed.

on my side, what disturbs me must, is the amount of "drawings"  scribus is showing by default to the user.

bad colors would make it worse.

but i agree with you, a good use of colors can improve the UI