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Re: Multi page document
« Reply #15 on: October 26, 2018, 09:34:51 am »
exivious, please explain why you are replying to a two years old message.
you should also better explain what you are talking about, since scribus is in its core a multiple pages document editor.

as it is, you message looks like the preparation of a spam attack, and failing to explain your behavior will lead to the deletion of your account. sorry, to bother you, if you're a legit user.


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Re: Multi page document
« Reply #16 on: January 21, 2019, 12:35:03 am »
What Scribus does though is accept a long text running along a number of pages. I tried to guess how many,
and added a few to be on the safe side.
At the end of the editing you can delete the extra pages. The tricky thing remains deciding where to change page
in the course of editing : you have to complete the editing one page after another if you alter the bumber of lines.
I managed to load Quark files, but if text was OK, the niceties like a decorated first letter '"lettrine"?) did not show uip.
This said, basic shortcuts save the day in most tight spots, namely "copy/paste" procedure.
I think you can have a number of set phrases in the first page, only meant to be copied, pasted, and altered when in place, at will,
only to be removed before printing or saving -or not.
 Pictures pose no specific problem, I personally stick to 300dpi resolution for the whole document and it seems fine.
I am also busy storing lots of video and photo stuff from archives,  for which I experiment with html documents,
trying to keep the two Scribus and html versions on par, with the limitation that video become a photo in Scribus, of course.
(my html editor is Microsoft Expression Web 4, whose support has sadly ended)