Text flow around image is incorrect (Scribus 1.5.2)

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Quote from: GarryP on July 12, 2016, 10:27:59 AM
Epilogue. I hope I haven't scared anyone away from using the forum by saying all of this. I've tried to keep the tone light but they are important issues. No-one on the forum gets paid to help. We give our free time to help others so it's nice if people help us by not giving us too much extra work to do.

Could this post fixed on top? ;-)



good catch laser!

indeed with vera sans roman, scribus does not seem to correctly calculate the maxiumum ascent.

i wonder if scribus reads something wrongly from the font or it just skips the first or second letter when calculating the maximum ascent (a 0 / 1 mismatch when iterating)

... recompiling right now, to check if i already had jean's fix...


Thank you a-l-e for linking this thread to the bugtracker.
I wonder where else this problem will appear.



Just thought of this possibility, you can slide an image around in a frame, I'm wondering ifit is a bug involving this option. Select an image and in the properties panel select image tab,  there should be a option to select free scaling, check to see if it is selected. if it is try adjusting the y position and see if you can reposition the image within the frame. The image might be repositioned by default a set amount of pixels outside of the frame. Perchance have you adjusted the default page deifintion?
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unlikely, admfubar, it really looks like the maximum ascent is calculated from the second character and not the first one (which could be a common error, since at the place 0 you have the first character and at the place 1 the second one... but in this case i guess it's more a problem relating to a substraction/sum gone wrong by one)



my analysis was not correct...

we still have to look for the reason why the maximum ascent is wrong.

on a side note: should not the default for the first line be the line height instead of the maximum ascent?


a.l.e: This thread: http://forums.scribus.net/index.php/topic,2110.0.html shows that there's something "wrong" with how Scribus calculates the line height of the first line of text. (The related mantis ticket - linked at the end of the thread - has been active for more than 10 years.)

Long story short: I would have thought that a fixed line height should fix the distance of the baseline of the first line of text from the top of the frame but it doesn't. For automatic line height I guess it should just depend on what text is on the line.


garry, if i got it correctly, the linked bug is more fundamental.

i still think that what happens here is rather a stupid programming error somewhere... but i cannot find out what exactly the wrong behavior is (since it's not ignoring the first line...)

somehow, it seems to correctly calculate the maximum ascent but the value is not used for the the whole line...

the question remains: is it sane to use the maximum ascent as the default? (and is it sane to have automatic line height as a default?)
... i fear that making the ones default depending on the other one is a bit harder to implement...


I only mentioned that thread because - as you say - it looks like there's something fundamental that's wrong. If that's fixed then it might also fix the problem here or fixing that problem may bring to light what's making this problem occur.

I'd say that Automatic Line Spacing should use the maximum ascent height plus whatever leading is used by default (or even specified by the font, if such a thing is done). I'd also say that, if this is so, then Automatic Line Spacing should be the default as most people don't change the line spacing and Fixed Line Spacing only works for a specific font at a specific size.


Hey all. I had to take some info from the output because the file size was too large to upload.
The font that I was using was Book Antiqua, automatic spacing at 12 pts with full line justification.


Although this is an old topic, It is one that remains a problem in rel 1.5.3.  I have found a work around that works for me.  when a line of text splits below the image whan a taller character is encountered, I select the split line and change "Automatic Line Spacing" to "Align to Baseline Grid".