The year 2018 in review

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Since I've now set up a community website for Scribus, with a news section, I'd like to add a first article with a review of the year 2018 .

A question to you: what do you recall about this year?

Here are my notes:

- the release of 1.5.4 with a few enhancements on colors handling and improvements for running Scribus from the command line (

- a regain of interest for scripting with a few new contributors (dockattt, Iam_TJ, gibbz) who have submitted patches to fill wholes in the API and fixed misbehaving commands.

- the publication of cédric gémy's book about Scribus 1.5 (ok, it was december 2017... but i've discovered it in july 2018...),

- The start of Scribus Templates ( a site with sample Scribus documents

- "code" changes
  - lot of small changes to make 1.5 more stable
  - refactoring efforts to make the scribus code more readable (return early) and fast (const &)
  - "moving" to C++ 11 (foreach, nullptr, some auto)
  - fix "clazy" warnings and generally "fight" compilers warning (signed / unsigned, ...)

there are a few unfinished projects that might need some care and love:

- The IndigoDock UI proposal.
- A "friendly" API for Scribus plugins.
- The epub exporter.
- The table of contents.
- A new scripter engine.

What were your (scribus related) highlights?



does anybody have nice images for illustrating the year 2018 (nice projects you did this year...)


Phonebook for small tome in Colorado

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ad for a artists book I laid out

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so, the post is published:

sadly, without any screenshot for projects done in 2018: there are none in the wiki, the one submitted here by rodney were not (in my eyes) very typical for scribus... and -- somehow -- i did not feel comfortable with only showing samples from one user (plus eventually the ones of mine... but they are not really representative for the scribus usage, either...).

i still need to create the "showcases" section on ( and it would be nice to feature your work, rodney, but it would be more worth if it was not just a screenshot of a cover.
a glimpse in the inner parts... if possible as a photo on a neutral background.
as an example, here is a collection i have created a few years ago:

and what did other poeple do in 2018?

nermander? utnik? mnawij? dragonfly? (and others who regularly post in here...)
do you have any recent work that would be suitable to be shown in a showcase?
if possible, combined with a short description of the workflow : - )

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