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does anyone have idea for script or plug-in? Write it below, please. Maybe some of them will be created. Thanks.


I have the following idea for a script: When importing the Libre/OpenOfiice (.odt) document in Scribus, all the pages from the .odt document to be create automatically and also the adequate tex frames to be created. 
In InDesign this is acomplished by pressing the Shift button, when importing the .doc document.


When there are two or more connected frames sometimes I need to stop the connection but the text in the relevant frames to stay in place. It would be great if this can be made posible. For reference, in InDesign such a script already exists.


hi pyropingvin,

your second wish (unlinking text frames) has already been implemented by cezary... but is not yet in 1.5svn

for the second one, i think that we should extend the "insert > frame dialog" instead... it does not need much... on can already load a file and spread it over multiple pages!
but it could also be done with a script...