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Hi, last week, when I was working on the bulletin, I was moving the Layout (under the Windows menu) on my laptop when I sneezed and accidentally moved it to below the bottom so that I can't reach it...or even see it. Is there a way I can bring it back? I am so far able to access layers I previously made, but I can't create any. I am really hoping someone out there in Scribus-land can help me solve this problem.
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Hello WHYz,

I did that before on my Mac though, I used the [cmd]+[-] to reduce screen size and then [cmd]+[a] to select all and then used the [up] arrow key probably 100 times until it went back onto my artboard area.  Maybe you could also increase the size of the scratch area (see attached) of the document to be able to see more document real estate, not sure, never changed that option with a file opened.


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WHYz, it sounds like you've accidentally moved the "Layers" dialog/palette off your screen.

If you're using the Windows OS you can try this:
* Select menu "Windows -> Layers" until "Layers" is not checked/ticked in the menu;
* Select menu "Windows -> Layers" again so that it is the last dialog that has been opened;
* Press Alt+Space together;
* Press the M key;
* Press any arrow key;
* Then you should be able to drag the dialog with the mouse but don't click a mouse button while you do it until it's back on the screen.

This works with any window or dialog box that has been accidentally moved off-screen.


Thanks guys, so much! I got the layers folder back. I'm not sure what I did, I just looked at the bottom of the view, and saw the top of it over the usual bottom of the program. I'll definitely come back to this page is I run into the problem again!
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Would like to thank user GarryP for reminding me on the correct way to get a window back on screen, as the main window in Scribus v1.5.4 hid off screen at XPosition='2061'