settings for Scribus to recognise Ghostscript so can import pdfs

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i had import scribus and ghostscrip but the"mac" said that pc element cannot be reconise

what should i do
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isit possible
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I think this is what is missing. I can't see pdfs I import.  I have GImp and ghostscript and also foomatic RIP.

I know you have to do something in external tools in the properties bit but I cant seem to get it to work properly.

I have just upgraded to  scribus 1.4.0 rc6 and I have snow Leopard operating system,

Any ideas please!!!


scribus can't (yet) import pdf files.

it can load pdfs in image frames, though...
for it you have to set the correct path in file > preferences > external tool



I'm a new user.  Running on Mac OSX 10.6.

Trying to import single-page PDF into scribus document, and have found references to 'ghostscript' installation, which I have done.  Now I see this reference to Preferences>External Tools (which is logical), but I don't understand what I should do on this 'External Tools' page.   Do I <add> to 'Render Frames'?  when I try that, I don't see 'ghostscript' in the dialog - i selected 'Applications', and all entries are grayed and unavailable, and I don't see 'ghostscript' even as grayed.   

Of course - maybe i'm way off???

Please advise.   




hi al

you should insert the path to 'ghostscript' under 'external tools' → 'postscript interpreter'.