Where Can I Find A Ghostscript Download?

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Every link I find to a Ghostscript download is broken, won't work.

Something about the source being unverifiable I think.   I'm on Win10 here.

One location (http://ghostscript.com/releases/)  just opens a blank page, says nothing, does nothing.

any help?


 tried it....

p.s.  that's a firefox screenshot and an opera shot.

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both firefox and chromium on my computer show me the https:// page linked above.

... latest debian testin packages... so there might be a difference in the latest programs you can download from mozilla or google...

if it's not the case, it's an issue local to your computer or is caused by some trafficking of packets on your network (firewall, router, vpn, ...)



It's okay.  I got it.  Used duckduck, maybe that helped and a vpn, maybe that helped, I don't know, between the two of them I got both the 64 bit and 32 bit windows versions.

Thanks for the help.



for windows you can get it from here:


for mac os it's here


for linux... it's already installed... : - )