Embedded profiles in images - especially DotGain for black and white photos.

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M M H Nilsson

Hello, I am relatively new to Scribus and have made a book to be printed at a commercial printing house. They specify that black and white images must be adjusted by 20% for Dot gain. I have done that in Photoshop and inserted the photos in Scribus. But I understand that this adjustment is in fact stored as a profile embedded in the image and I need to be sure that this profile is kept and used when generating pdf. I wonder if I should use "printer" or "grayscale" at export for pages with b/w photos, especially whether this will have any effect on whether the embedded profiles (DotGain adjustments) are used or not.

  For embedded color profiles some other users here mention an option named "use color profiles" to be ticked at export, but I can't see such an option when exporting to pdf ? (Scribus 1.4.7.)
  Images for the cover of the book have been embedded with Fogra39 profile in Photoshop, but I am uncertain as to whether the embedded profiles or the scribus standard setting are applied. The printing house cannot see it directly in the pdf, but they tend to believe that the embedded Fogra 39 profiles are in fact not applied. So I would like to know where I can find the option to apply embedded profiles or not.


Mads Michael H. Nilsson