[SOLVED] How to Keep Notes on your project?

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For every project I do, I end up keeping extensive notes: everything from a "to-do" list of tasks not yet completed, to useful reference data (like the X-coordinate of the center of the left and right page between the margins), to a record of typographical decisions so that consistency can be maintained (e.g., "in document Foo, add a thin space to the regular space at the end of each sentence"). I keep these notes using Windows Notepad because it uses such a small proportion of precious system resources (side note: I really need to upgrade my computer). Still, that requires frequent switching between Scribus and Notepad (and this is even less convenient if I have more than one Notepad document open at a time). If I want to use both simultaneously, it also requires extensive resizing, scrolling, and zooming to get everything arranged on the screen.


I can think of one native Scribus approach .. add a new layer titled Notes.

See top bar > Windows > Layers and add a layer named Notes.


You can set opacity for different layers and create faded notes in a textframe.

To show/hide a layer launch the layers window and tick on the "Make layer visible" radio button.

You can hide the page layer and show the notes layer.
Conversely hide the notes layer and show the page layer.

But this workflow is far from ideal for my purposes - e.g. you might wish to have hyperlinks to external documents and tutorials.

I use a separate framework (atom.io) for my projects management and source control.


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