after pc crasch, the file is blocked: help!

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I am reasonably new with Scribus.
I'm making a club magazine for the association. Almost finished it and then the laptop crashed.
When I reopen the file in Scribus after a restart, I can no longer edit it: can not add or change anything. It is blocked.
How do I solve this?


It would help if you clarify if you are on Windows/Linux/Mac and which version of Scribus?.

My guess is that the Scribus *.sla file is either in lock state or corrupted by crash. Is there a lock file located near the Scribus file?

In similar circumstances (not with Scribus) I have used this xml editor to validate files after a shutdown.

Open your file in XMLCopyEditor and try hitting the well formed and validate buttons.

Added note: Learn from this experience and keep a backup of your file(s).


please make sure that the "view > preview mode" is not enabled...

that's the most likely reason why you cannot edit your file.

... or check that you layers are not locked... but i guess you would know about it, if you did so...


Hi all,
thank you for thinking along!

My version is Linux 18.1, Scribus 1.4.6

I solved the problem by "Export to pdf" file
I do not know yet exactly what the problem was but I think that "Export to PDF" the file is checked for errors.

@ a.l.e '"please make sure that the" view> preview mode "is not enabled ...
Where can I find the option "view> preview mode"?



Have you tried re-saving the file with a different name?
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.5
Advanced hobbyist