How to define a JavaScript action on PDF openening

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Hello. I've looked at some tutorials on interactive PDF creation with Scribus and found how to create interactive forms and buttons but i havn't found how to define an "opening action" (that is, and action that will automatically be triggered when the document is opened rather than when the user clicks on some buttons). This is possible in most PDF creation software, usually through the document properties window but i havn't found a generic pdf properties window in Scribus, just item specific pdf properties and the pdf export window doesn't have any script tab either.

Is this possible, and if it is possible, how do you do this?

In case you're wondering, i just want to add some note that's visible by default and is hidden as soon as the document is opened. That note would explain that JavaScript is disabled and the interactive features won't work which is why i want to hide it using JS (trying to be as fool-proof as possible).

I can actually add it using the unregistered version of Master PDF Editor and it doesn't add a watermark but it would be nice to define this directly in Scribus.