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Small project in scribus


Is this the place to post if I have a small project that I would like to hire someone to do in Scribus?

Interested, describe project please.

I want help in designing a portfolio of work I have done as an architect, mostly as an employee.  The purpose is for seeking employment.    I will provide the images (photographs and drawings).  The person hired will do a fixed number of spreads.
I will update the portfolio with new projects, so the spreads will serve as templates for other projects.  I don't want a graphic designer doing something I cannot update or modify over time.  This is why I am looking for it to be done in Scribus.

sounds pretty easy so far, we could set up a shared file in Dropbox or another cloud service so you could edit and retain all images as needed, PM me if you  want to get started


--- Quote ---The purpose is for seeking employment.
--- End quote ---

Why choose printed portfolio of work via Scribus vs. online portfolio using say private deck in


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