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Scaling group of shapes doesnt work?


I have an odd issue, im wondering if it is a bug.

If i import some text from a pdf, then group those objects. Then try to scale that group (holding ctrl to scale evenly). Then the shapes move, dissapear and dont scale...

Has anyone noticed this issue? Is there a fix for it?

Thanks :)

If this happens in 1.4, you should probably accept it as a restriction related to the way groups are implemented there...

If it happens in 1.5, i'd be interested in knowing more about it...
can you share a sample .sla with instructions how to trigger the issue?
or show a screencast?


Ive put in 2 separate bugs for scaling in 1.5.4.

One for pdf imported objects.
The other for plain text frames.

These are pretty painful ones as they affect something that's done regularly on a daily basis...

Thanks for looking at these :)



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