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Compiling scribus with qt creator

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the qmake file has been used many years ago to bootstrap the qt creator project... i think...

nowadays, you should use the cmake workflow.
(no idea why the qmake file is in the repository, really...)

instructions for compiling scribus with qt creator are here (for linux and probably for mac os):

as soon as i have the windows instructions ready, i will publish the three "development" document in a better form...

@gibbz, did you get it to work?

Looks like its building now!

1. I guess it helps to have cmake installed :)
2. Then in qtcreator I clicked open file or project > Cmake.txt

It might be a good idea to remove the qt creator files sometime. Its a little confusing :)

I've filled a ticket.

The reply is that the file is needed for updating the translation files.

We will see if something can be done...

out of curiosity: gibbz, what's your goal after you got scribus to compile?


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