PDF with Diecut_Layer which Illustrator can read and operate

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first i'm sorry for my bad english  ;D

For make Sticker :
in my country, Thailand
comercial printing require file.. *.ai or pdf/x-4
with Diecut Layer*

i send PDF_v1.5 and PDF/X-4 with layer
(export from Scribus 1.4.7 and 1.5.4) to shop,
but shop told me.. after press F7 in illustrotor
it have not Diecut Layer  O_o!

Is it posible,
illustrator could read  pdf's files (export from Scribus)
with Diecut Layer and Artworks Layer

thank you


hi mrtao900

i'm not an expert here, as i've hever used separate layers in my .pdf files. but i just tried to export a .pdf file with two layers – and failed. the output was a single layer .pdf.
either i do something wrong or the option to 'include layers' is broken in some way.
you might file a bug report...



I just had a look:

If you pick PDF X-4, in the PDF export dialog you can check the "include layers" option.

If you do so, the layers information should be included in the PDF.

Be warned that Adobe puts extra information the PDFs created by their tools and that information can be read by other Adobe tools.
Scribus does not add that information and the print shop mighe be missing some information.

Also, PDFs (created by Scribus) are meant to be printed (and / or processed by pre-press tools) and not to be opened by a vector drawing tools like Illustrator.

Please report if you did check that option and / or if checking the option made the print shop happy...