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I'm new to Scribus and Desktop Publishing in general although I'm good with MS Office. I have been creating, quite successfully, a magazine in Scribus but struggle to control the file size when exporting to .PDF
I have been in the habit of printing to a file (Foxit Reader PDF Printer). Can anyone help control the file size with regard to images and text. I've noticed that a page of text in different fonts will produce wildly different file sizes. Is one font better than another regarding this size issue.
Any help would be most appreciated.
Cheers, Ray


Scribus has been targeted towards printing, where the size of the PDF is less important than the quality of the publication.

Some things to consider are:

- Are you embedding fonts? Fonts can be 10-15 MB each.
- Do you have a lot of vector graphics?
- Do you downsample images? For printing you probably want 300 PPI, but for reading on the screen you can likely get away with 75 PPI.

I think there are several pages in the Scribus Wiki on the topic too.

Some people like to run the PDF through for example Ghostscript to reduce the file size.


Thanks very much for your reply Nermander. There are some things for me to consider. I have installed Ghostscript but can you please point me in the right direction to check out how to use this to possibly reduce the file size.
Thanks, Ray