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How to have a line counter appearing on my pages?

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yep, it's meant to be started on each page again...

i probably could have make it go through the all chain... but i've preferred to keep it a bit simpler...
... it's not a full solution to lines numbering... only an ok workaround.

about the message crashing scribus: i get the same thing so:

- which version of scribus are you using (1.5.4? svn? git?)
- on which os? (i'm on linux)

i was thinking that something was wrong on my computer (and since i was trying it on a modified self compiled version...), but if you also see the issue, then there might be a real problem...

(i've tested it with 1.4 while creating the script and, there, the messages are correctly shown)

I use 1.5.4 version and I'm on Mac OSX (Sierra).

(Line numbers starting anew on each page can't work for me. But I have a good deal of one-page documents too)

... you can set the first line number for each frame.

just put the number in the input box...
and if you really need a version that flows in the chained frames i can probably easily do it...
i just have to check if i have all the information...
just tell me if you really need it.

i've simplified the call to the message box with the alert and now it does not crash scribus 1.5 anymore.

you can download the new version of the script from the same place as before:

Thanks a lot! I've noticed the nice option for numbers, which allows me to start at line 1, then 5, then 10, etc., but if I have to start again on a new page, that means having to hand-count the lines before in order to get the right one, since I don't number every line. So it would be a great improvement for me if it could flow in the chained frames. But I don't expect you to take time for something nobody else seems to need.  :-X


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