Image cropping script or croppping on export

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Hi all,

I wonder if someone has tryied the script "Image crop, resize and CMYK conversion" published on the wiki,_resize_and_CMYK_conversion._Save_and_reload_in_TIFF_format on Scribus 1.4 rc.

If not, I would like to know some approach to the problem of full images added to pdf although maybe only a part is showed on the image frames. I think there is an Indesign option for that on pdf export. Maybe another tool to do the trick after exporting?



scribus does not have such an option, yet.

but you're welcome to try the script and give feedback and ideas for tweaking...



I've been playing around with it, but I am not a programmer so I don't think I can get it working. Script freezes while cropping. Setting the crop data manually on the script allows exporting a tiff image but nothing else, it freezes ans step forward.
I would test everything needed, but... can't do much more..
I think  it is a really must have option...



What operating system are you using? Did you notice this:

QuoteCaveat: PIL currently freeze Scribus in Ubuntu 10, if run as menu script, due Ubuntu bug. Run OK in Scripter console (F9 keystroke) and in Windows XP or Wine.


Yes, I checked that.
Running Ubuntu I used the console.
Dont have an XP to check, tryied Win7 with same results. Maybe anyone can try with xp?