pdf of unwanted size

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So I've created an 8.5x11 document. I believe I have RC5.

When I export > save as pdf, I get 9.5x12 pages in the pdf, with the extra room being text from the adjacent page.

Any idea what's going wrong?


Have you turned on bleeds and crop marks and stuff like that?


I really mean it, I did check this! They were at zero. I really did.... it was not user error!!!!


as long as I have your attention on this. My only errors on the preflight are "image is a PDF" errors. Is this really going to be an issue if my only output is pdf? Should I really bother to convert these to .eps, just so they can be recompiled back into a larger pdf? I'm not using embedded pdf or layers.



The warning means the PDF will become rasterized, and depending on your resolution settings that might be an issue. But as long as you are aware of it and is using a suitable resolution it shouldn't be a problem.

You can convert to EPS, or you can convert to a TIFF (rasterize it manually), to get rid of the warnings.