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Hi all! I just registered, because I've been having troubles to understand how to layout image over image.

What I've done is pretty simple, in the same layer, I have two image frames, and I put one over the other. Now, to make it on nice, I've added a 3mm line to both image frames, to give some space.

The thing that bother me is that the line goes in both directions from the frame bother, so the aliment against the grid is offset by 1,5mm. And the added text, which is indeed aligned to the grid, makes things look worse

Now, the other problem is that I already have a 190 pages doc with this same issue, so editing one image at the time to add frame will be to much pain

The question would be, how to make lines grow to the inside of the frame? Is that's not possible, is it possible to have a separating line when overlapping images?



... normally, i would not add a 3mm border around the images...

on the other side, it would be nice if was possible to control the "direction" of the border... but scribus does not allow it.

in your case, what you can do, is to put a "holed" rectangle on top of each image.
if the images have all the same size, that's not a big issue... it's just a matter of copy pasting frame on top of the image and then use align and distribute to place (or the guides) to align everything.

now, how to do a holed rectangle?

- duplicate the image frame
- convert it to a polygon
- fill the polygon with black
- duplicate the polygon
- in the properties palette > shape > edit: shrink by 3 mm
- select both shapes
- item > path  tools > path operations -> subtract the first shape from the second
- you can put the resulting shape in the scrapbook.

sadly, i don't think that the path operations are exposed to the scripter, otherwise it would be trivial to automate this...
and, no, you cannot (easily) resize the resulting shape... you have to create one frame per size.


hey, thanks for the quick response.

too bad is not possible. But what you suggest would not be possible, as my images all have different sizes and resolutions.

What I think I'll do, is add guides to the margins, that match the padding that happens between margin and image. And use that guide to aling the text frames. I think is going to be less hassle to add an extra frame for each image.

Thanks for the help. Maybe you could consider add image border, like the text frame has? I'm not sure if that make sense, I'm not really a designer, I'm doing something ad hoc for this



well... i've spent a few minutes browsing through the scripter API and i came to an idea that is doable...

i can give you a script to run in the next hour...


i have to leave right now... but i have created a first script for you:

you can see it here:

and download here:

you can run it:

- select an image frame
- script > execute script > pick the script you have downloaded

for each frame, then run script > recent script > ...

i can create a second script based on this that automatically create a border on each image in a set of pages...
but it's for tomorrow... or later this evening...

good luck... and other people can help you run this script...


Quote from: a.l.e on September 20, 2018, 04:40:59 PM
well... i've spent a few minutes browsing through the scripter API and i came to an idea that is doable...

i can give you a script to run in the next hour...

Ohh, please don't. While I really appreciate it, I already added the margins and started moving the text. It's looking rather good, so don't worry



ok, the script is done... if you want to use it, do it...

maybe somebody else will use it in the future...