2 x A3-posters in an 8 page A4 layout

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How do I create a broschure that has 8 pages i A4 size and containing 2 x A3 posters ?

The posters should be on  page 2 and 7, 4 and 5.

Also how do I add colour pads in Scrubus, after installing the software there is only 10 to 15 colors to choice from.


In Scribus you can mix pages of different size.
Just pick the isze when creating a new page...

Concerning the colors: in page layout most people have to use a specific set of colors, which they can import or create in Scribus.
"Edit > Colors" lets you create your colors.

In the preferences, you can also pick a different set of color that will be created by default... but i'm not sure, it's a good idea to use bigger sets...


Thanks for replying to my question.

I was just thinking that the company who prints the broschure wants a complete 8-page, one pdf-file and not individual pdf-pages that they have to put together as one broschure.


hi p_persson

you need to split the poster on pages 2 and 7 and place it in two different frames.
the other one shares a common spread – no need to split...



Thanks for the answer.

The best way seem to be, to make 4 x A3 size pages in landscape format.