Lost visibility of items - possibily after 1.5.4 upgrade

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Hi folks, I am using Scribus on Manjaro Stable with Cinnamon desktop. I do two monthly newsletters that have to be finished in a timely manner.

In the last week I have noticed that icons have become nearly unusable, and text is not visible in the Story Editor unless it is highlighted. In the Story Editor screenshot I had a portion of text highlighted but lost it when I took the screenshot. Also menu items have moved around, I used to access the story editor in the main RH click menu, but now it is in a sub menu, which is why I think it is version related.

I have not changed any desktop theme elements, or anything else I can think of that could be causing it, and am thinking that the version has been updated recently, as I performed a bunch of upgrades from the command line.

I have not been able to find a method of changing appearance of the GUI, and it has really slowed down my productivity.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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i don't think that scribus 1.5 supports dark themes (yet)... so using a light theme will probably help for the readability...

and for the story editor... i don't know what you are you using it for... but try to use as much as you can the in-frame editing with the text palette... and only use the story editor when the in-frame editing is not possible (as an example when text is on its head...)


Thanks for the reply,

I found after Posted that the story editor font was in white, so worked ok with a dark background. As far as the theme goes, I used default settings on Scribus since I first installed it about two years ago, and didn't realise it had alternative themes available. I have just gone through the settings and found a theme however that isn't horrendously bright, so thanks for that, much appreciated. At least I can see what icons are what.

Could I ask you further about what you say regarding usage of story editor please? I only use it if I require font changes, such as alignment, size, bold, superscript or even outline on fonts that don't have a bold version. Are you saying that these can be done outside story editor?

I am a little green with Scribus, and having cognition and memory issues from prescription medication withdrawal, so being confronted with a lot of information such as a manual is a little daunting, and I am slowly learning what an excellent and powerful application Scribus is, mainly via trial and error; with research on specific issues. Having joined the official forums now, I expect to get better with it over time.



Double click on a text frame and you can just type your text in there.

When a text frame is selected or you're in edit mode, open the "Windows > Text Properties" palette (F3) and all the power of Scribus will be shown to you : - )

P.S.: in Scribus 1.4, the text palette is part of the "Windows > Properties" palette (F2)...