windows system requirements? speed it up?

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I can't find the windows system requirements on Are they posted anywhere?

Scribus works great on my laptop but it's very slow. For instance, there's a 3-seconds delay between selecting something and seeing it selected with the bounding box.

I'm using win 7 Home, 64bit, intel celeron 2.2 GHz, RAM 2GB.
Lots of vector graphics.

Is there any way to speed it up?


are the other programs snappy?
if not, the problem is with something using your computer behind the scenes (multiple antivirus, helper tools for your devices fighting each other, search improvers...)

but: lot of vector graphics might be the issue... for now, all you can do: convert the graphics to bitmaps before importing into scribus...


(if you want to test if the vector graphics are the culprits: make a copy of your .sla and open it (make sure that you don't open the original); delete all or most of the graphics and see if the speed improves)