Applying styles to pasted text

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I am sorry if the answer is already somewhere (it must be) but I can't find it. When I copy paste text from Word into a text frame, all alineas get a "no style" label. How can I tell scribus to given all of them the standard style as defined by me? Now I have to go from alinea to alinea to change the style.

In the mean time I have pasted a number of times and then the standard style was applied.


if you have a word document, you should load it with "file > import > get text".

i'm not sure whether docx files can directly be imported with the formatting, but if you convert them to odf files (the libreoffice / openoffice format for writer files) it must work.

1.5.x will probably handle your files better better than 1.4...

scribus currently does not keep the formatting when copy pasting. it would of course be possible to do add such a feature, but it's not as easy as it sounds, since scribus is a multiplatform program and each platform (windows, mac os x, different types of linux, ...) have their way to put the formatting in the clipboard.
it's not a necessary feature for scribus, but i agree that it would be a handy one: if somebody wants to contribute code to scribus, this could be a useful project to go for : - )


Thank you for you reply. However, I was referring to the styles I have made in Scribus. So, what I was/am doing often is copying a part of a text in Word (.doc not .docx). Then sometimes all sections are labelled "standaard" text (made by me as a style) and I only have to adjust the styles for headings and footnotes, italics. But other times all sections are labelled "no style" and then I have to change each and every section to "standaard style". Untill now I didn't discover what the difference is between the two outcomes.

I found out today. I had to copy all the footnotes on the last page. The footnotes have an own style. So, when I past only the last footnote and I assign it the correct style, then I copied all the other footnotes above it and all of them had the "footnote" style. This saves much work.