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This morning I've deleted three posts that I considered to be spam.

They were replies to older threads, that were copy pasted from other websites (the Scribus wiki, the Libreoffice forum, ...)

They were somehow on topic, but not really.

If such keep on showing up, I'll also delete the users that have posted them.

I'll try to be careful, and I hope that I won't delete genuine posts. If that happen, please pardon me and write a new post, in a way that it cannot be filled as spam.

Have fun


you might have noticed that we have had several posts with content that were a copy of older posts on stackoverflow or combine words that could make sense in the context but do not really contribute to the discussion.

i've been deleting the accounts and their posts to keep the forums "clean".

there is some sort of pattern that helps me deciding if a post is trash / spam or if it's genuine.
i cannot disclose the rules i'm using, but i apologize if your account is deleted by mistake.

a few rule of thumbs for new users:

- carefully write your posts.
- avoid posting hollow messages to old threads.
- pick a good username (that possibly matches your online identity).
- ask questions and say thanks after you got a reply.

of, course, long time posters (with a few questions and answers) do not risk that their accounts are  deleted (except if a manipulation mistake happens: the UI for deleting users is really not that good).